Individual Counselling

Everyone needs some extra support sometimes. With Aroha Counselling, Emily supports people who are coping with a range of experiences. In her counselling practice, Emily works from an Empowerment Perspective, bringing a strong understanding of the oppressive systems that contribute to poor mental and emotional health. Emily is queer, trauma informed, anti-racist and works within a harm reduction framework. All counselling services are online video sessions.

Common reasons for seeking counselling include:

  • Affirming gender and sexual diversity
  • Acute or long term trauma
  • Addictions/substance use
  • Disordered eating
  • Stress, anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self esteem, self acceptance
  • Self harm
  • Anger

Sex Work Positive Counselling

Emily specializes in Sex Work Positive counselling. Sex (Work) Positive counselling recognizes individual agency and body autonomy within the sex work industry. It strongly differentiates between sex trafficking (coerced and non-consentual) and sex work – an agreed exchange of services (labour) for material or financial compensation. Sex work is an umbrella term that includes exotic dancing/stripping, phone sex, pornographic film acting, camming, street working, escorting and more. 

Like any profession, there can be trauma and violence associated with sex work. Emily strictly works from a harm reduction and empowerment perspective when working with sex workers, taking cues from the person seeking counselling in how they would like approach their healing. There is no assumption that the person seeking counselling wishes to leave the industry, or even centre their sex work in their counselling sessions. All counselling services are online video sessions.

Counselling services are free for low income and street based sex workers in Regina, SK. For more information about accessing these services email 

Queer Competent Counselling

As a queer person themself, Emily has dedicated years of her practice to supporting the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community. She has a deep understanding of the unique experiences of queer and trans adolescents and adults combatting everyday systemic queerphobia and transphobia. You will not need to spend the entire first session defining, justifying, or defending your queer identity – as is common with mainstream, non-queer counselling services. All counselling services are online video sessions.

Queer and Trans Addictions Talking Group

This harm reduction group is for anyone who identifies as queer and is navigating substance use. This is not a 12-step oriented group, but rather an opportunity to discuss different topics each week that are relevant to queerness and addiction and to provide mutual support. The group is open to people in all stages of recovery, including those who are not actively seeking sobriety. Attendees are asked to refrain from substance use during the session.

This group meets online every Tuesday at 7:00pm (Saskatchewan Time)

This group is free.

To register, email

SWers Mutual Aide Group

This group is for active and former sex workers looking to make connections with other active and former sex workers. Each session is facilitated by Emily while taking direction from attendees in terms of topics discussed. This group is strictly sex work positive. If you are a current or former sex worker who would like to participate, please register by emailing For the safety and confidentiality of all attendees, additional screening may be required to confirm your status as a former or current sex worker.

This group meets online every Monday at 5:00pm (Saskatchewan Time)

This group is free.